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Every Actor Featured in The Walking Dead Episode “The Grove” Deserves An Emmy Nod

Last night’s Walking Dead episode featured no epic prison battle scenes ending with old, crippled men getting their heads chopped off, but it’s safe to say that “The Grove” was the most brutal episode of the season, if not of the entire series. Only four actors were(minus the zombies) were featured in the episode, and it’s this writer’s opinion that all four of them-Melissa McBride(Carol), Chad Colemon(Tyreese), Brighton Sharbino(Lizzie), and Kyla Kennedy(Mika)-deserve an Emmy nomination for their performances.

Three Major Things We Can Expect from X-Men: Days of Future Past

The excitement meter is running high for the much anticipated sequel to Fox’s X-Men franchise. Though it is still roughly two months away from its domestic release (it is set to open May 23 this year), entertainment and movie news portals are running wild about “what woulds” in the said movie.
So, I have made a compilation of the major things we, the moviegoers and fans, can expect from Days of Future Past. (Warning: major spoiler ahead)

Need for Speed vs. Fast and Furious

Both films may tackle different story plots and may go on to make franchises in varying poles but both undeniably reach out to the same group of audience – that is Need for Speed reaches out to the same crowd who loved the Fast and Furious installments.
But which car movie dominates the other?